Women Entrepreneurs: Jennifer Cassetta, Ep.1

Jennifer Cassetta, a national self-defense expert, clinical nutritionist, fitness expert, speaker, author, and all around amazing person. Jennifer has traveled nationally speaking and sharing her knowledge and experience. Jennifer is a 3rd degree blackbelt in hapkido, has her masters degree in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and has experience as a personal trainer for VIP clientele including CEO’s, celebrities, and even royalty. Not only does Jennifer have her own DVD series and book she co-authored, but she also made appearances on The Doctor, Rachael Ray, E!, Bethenny, Marie Osmond and The Today Show as well as contributing to countless publications such as the NY Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, and Livestrong.com. In the first episode of our new Women Entrepreneurs series, we talk with Ms. Cassetta a little bit about how she built her success, her experiences as an independent female entrepreneur, and any advice for the ambitious women entrepreneurs.

9/11 and What Inspired Jennifer’s Success

Jenn tells us her story of how an intense experience during the 9/11 attack initially kick started what was to be the inspiration for her entrepreneurial success.

Being a Female in the Entrepreneurial World

The experience a as a woman representing yourself and your own company is unique. Jennifer tells us her personal accounts of how she has or has not felt the impact of being a woman in her field.

Keys to Success

Jennifer gives us her advice and lessons she has learned about how to build your own personal entrepreneurial success.

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