For most women, traveling alone is a big reason they want to purchase our products. Because of their low-profile design and ease of wear, our self-defense accessories make a perfect companion on a vacation, business trip, or semester abroad. As with any self-defense tool, there are laws and restrictions that you need to be aware of in order to carry and use your tool safely and appropriately. While we definitely encourage you to travel prepared, it is important that you also travel smart. Below are a few easy-to-follow guidelines to help you travel with our products effectively.

Air Travel

Our products have not been approved for travel with TSA. However, our products have been put through TSA airport security multiple times by our team members on company travel with no issues. In order to maintain possession of your self-defense jewelry products, we recommend that you remove any of our accessories from your person before approaching the TSA security checkpoint and stow them in your checked baggage during your air travel. This is the best way to avoid any problems during travel, but ultimately, if you choose to bring it with you in your carry on, it is up to the TSA agents discretion if it will be permitted or confiscated. 

*We are not responsible for any items confiscated during the TSA security check. Please use your best judgement. *

Ground Travel

If you are planning a trip that takes you across state lines, we highly recommend that you check with the local laws in the area in which you are traveling to ensure compliance. As a courtesy to our customers, we have compiled links to all US state legal sites for your easy access and review here. We recommend you pay special attention to laws pertaining to ‘brass knuckles’ if you possess one of our rings that covers more than one finger.

Because our products are the first of its kind, we are striving to ensure that not only do they keep you safe, but that they abide by all laws and regulations appropriately. Please make sure that you are always aware of the rules in your area so that you can be strong and confident with our accessories, everywhere you go.

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