Triangle Whistle Necklace


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*** New patent pending design – coming soon!***


‘And this is your official, Artemis rape whistle… don’t blow it unless it’s actually happening’. Don’t be afraid of not being heard again. The Triangle Whistle Necklace is a staple piece to any wardrobe while also offering an extra factor of security. With an emergency whistle built in, this incognito necklace produces a loud shrill sound of up to 120db to alert anyone if you need help in a dangerous situation and startle anyone putting you in danger. Hanging securely around your neck, you will feel confident knowing you always have some extra audible power if you ever need it.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Chain Length: 17 inches


Check out the ‘Use’ tab for more information and demonstrations on how to use this product

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes. Please check with your local state laws prior to purchase.**

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Silver, Gold


Suggested Product Use: This jewelry piece is designed to be used as a loud, shrill alert whistle. Serving two different functions, 1) this whistle can be used to alert someone to your situation and 2) it can be used to stun your aggressor with a brisk, loud, and shrill sound. Designed to produce sound decibels at or above the human threshold for pain, this dissonant sound will shock an attacker to provide you a window to escape a dangerous situation.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**

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