Gemstone Spike Bangle Bracelet


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*jingle* *jingle* … That’s the sound of safety coming from our one of a kind
gemstone pyramid bangle! Designed to be removed from your wrist and held in your hand when found in a dangerous situation, what was a striking statement jewelry piece, is now an effective striking safety device! This beautiful handmade bangle bracelet utilizes all-natural gemstones to produce a high quality and admirable piece that fits seamlessly into any woman’s wardrobe.

  • Material: Stainless Steel Band with Natural Gemstones
  • Colors: Rose Gold Band with Brown Tigers-Eye Gems or Silver Band with Grey Agate Gems
  • Size: Small (190mm) or Medium (200mm)


Check out the ‘Use’ tab for more information and demonstrations on how to use this product.

Because this piece is hand made with natural gemstones, every individual bangle is unique with its own characteristics. While it is designed to withstand self-defense use, the gemstones can be prone to breaking if dropped from tall heights so please handle appropriately to maintain the quality of your product. Customer happiness is our #1 priority so please let us know if you have any questions or experience any issues with your order!

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes. Please check with your local state laws prior to purchase.**

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Silver, Rose Gold


Small (190mm), Medium (200mm)


Suggested Product Use: This jewelry piece is designed to be removed from your wrist with an easy to open pressure clasp, and grasped with your fingers through the bracelet to be be used as a striking device.

With the pyramid shaped gemstones hovering above your knuckles, you will be able to strike someone with the pointed gemstones, with minimal to no contact between your hand and the aggressor. This provides you a window to escape a dangerous situation.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at

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