Women are the victims of millions of violent crimes across the globe and sexual crimes against women are one of the most unreported and most common crimes that occur today.

While there are a plethora of various self-defense tools on the market, very few are practical for integrating into the daily female lifestyle. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of women unprepared when they are put in a situation that threatens their safety.

This is what inspired The Artemis Company, LLC; an organization that operates with the real needs of women in mind. The fact is, most young women do not always carry a purse or bag with them when they go out at night to socialize; if they do, it is small and compact, eliminating space for a stand-alone safety tool.


The mission and drive of The Artemis Company, LLC is ultimately to empower women across the globe and facilitate female confidence and peace of mind by supplying the tools and resources necessary to protect themselves and improve their safety in any situation. Being an advocate to female survivors of violent crime along with providing education of violent crimes against women and the effects there-of is also a driving cause of what the Artemis Company, LLC stands for.


Lauren Gwin

Hello, my name is Lauren Gwin and I am the founder and president of The Artemis Company.

Firstly, I would like to personally welcome you to our website for The Artemis Company. A lot of time, passion, dedication and hard work has gone into bringing this to you. I hope you take the time to look around and get to know a little bit more about what The Artemis Company is all about.

I got the idea to design a line of self-defense jewelry when I was in my freshman year of college. I was constantly receiving emails from the university police department reporting crimes such as armed robberies, rapes, and a variety of other physical assaults on and around campus. There were a lot of safety resources on the campus such as emergency phones and safety timer phone apps available; however, I could not help thinking to myself as I was walking to my dorm after class late at night, ‘would I have time to reach the emergency phone if someone approached me right now?’

This prompted me to start carrying around a small container of pepper spray in my backpack, which happened to be the only self-defense tool allowed on the campus. However, I still found that the pepper spray in my backpack would be almost completely out of immediate reach in an emergency situation. If I did manage to get a hold of it, I would still have to fumble with the safety latch before I would be able to use it. I also noticed that when girls went out to the clubs or to parties to socialize at night, the only things they would carry with them would be their phones and their car keys. No one wanted to carry a purse with them when they went out and if they did, it was not big enough to store a self-defense weapon.

All of these things came together to one clear message: women needed some way to protect themselves that they could carry with them easily while not having to choose between fashion and function that would also be readily available in a spontaneously emergent situation.

This concept is what I created this organization around. I designed this first line of jewelry with the drive to seamlessly integrate stylish accessories that women would want to wear and self-defense tools that would be easily used in a stressful and safety-threatening situation. I aspire for this company to be part of a movement to empower women across the globe and change the way women live. I know first-hand, as many women do, how it feels to constantly worry about your surroundings when you are alone, especially at night, and how devastating it can be if you become the victim of a sex crime, domestic violence, or physical assault. These events can completely alter a woman’s life. These crimes against women are unfortunately largely unreported in the U.S. and highly disregarded in countries around the world. My hope for The Artemis Company is that it will be a resource of empowerment, education, and help for women across the globe.

Thank you for taking the time to look around our website and for your consideration and attention. I hope you will join the movement to help improve the lives of women around the world.

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