Music and You – The stuff we put in our ears and how it effects us – Ep. 2

Music is one of the biggest parts of our culture today. We listen to it in the morning geting ready, in the car on the way to work, when were studying, when were at parties, etc. It is always in the background. But have you ever stopped and really thought about how the things you choose to listen to effect the way that you think and behave? 

Music and Language

In this podcast we talk about how the language that’s used in music effects women and the development of women’s stereotypes. 

Breaking Down Popular Mainstream Songs

Going through a few popular songs on the top charts over the years, I break down the implicit and explicit meanings of the lyrics and discuss how this language impacts us as a society.

Studies Show…

I look at studies that discuss how the music that we listen to impacts the way that society views women and how it effects the sexual behaviors of both men and women. 

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Music Discussed: 

Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj [02:53]

Sweet but Psycho by Eva Max [05:17]

Plain Jane by Asap Ferg [07:52

Sicko Mode by Travis Scott [08:56]

I Mean It by G-Eazy [11:40]

Timber by Pitbull [12:30]

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke [14:31]

Studies Mentioned:

‘Exposure to a degrading versus non degrading music lyrics and sexual behavior among youth’ by Steven C Martino [18:13]

‘Music and aggression, the impact of sexual aggressive song lyrics on aggression related thoughts, emotions, and behavior towards the same and the opposite sex’ by Steven C Martino [19:57]


Jack Christianson – Author of “Making the Music Decision” and “Music: Apples or Onions” [18:58]

Song of the Day:

Wings by Little Mix


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