Gifts to Buy Yourself for Valentines Day!

The guide to making February your month as a single.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is about love and togetherness. This year, for single and empowered ladies, this holiday is about treating yourself to a lovely day and feeling your best. Here are 10 gifts every woman should buy herself (or her galentine) for February 14th:

  1. Lingerie – Lingerie isn’t just for men! It’s about feeling confident, sexy, and vibrant in your own skin. Whether you’re buying a skimpy babydoll or a conservative one-piece, today is all about loving your own body.
  2. Flowers – Everyday is a great day to buy flowers. You may not buy the stereotypical red roses, but a bouquet of sunflowers will make your home smell fresh and look beautiful.
  3. Candles – Candles provide the perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. They set the tone for a relaxing dip in the tub.
  4. Polaroid – A camera for Valentine’s Day? Yes! Today is about loving yourself, about existing loudly, and carrying with you a sense of power. Take as many photos as you feel like.
  5. Succulents – Succulents make for good house plants, especially because they never die. They, like you, can grow and thrive in whatever environment they find themselves in. These plants are resilient and embody springtime.
  6. Shoes – Whether you like combat boots or red-bottom pumps, you deserve to wear shoes that showcase your personality. Walk tall and own what you have on! Valentine’s Day is a chance to make your mark.
  7. Books – Spend some time perusing the book store and find something that really captures your attention. Romantic comedies and poetry books are great for getting into the Valentine’s Day mood.
  8. Pink and Red Makeup – If you’re the type of woman to wear makeup, today is the perfect day to spoil yourself. To find festive and flattering looks, try the red and pink palettes. Maybe February 14th is your day to branch out and try new things. Red lipsticks and rouge for the occasion.
  9. Cookie Mix – Let’s be creative in the kitchen this holiday, take pride in our baking skills, and enjoy what yummy things happen inside the oven.
  10. A Promise Ring – Sometimes making a promise to yourself is a great way to guide things in the right direction. It can be a promise to stay sylabit, a promise to speak kindly to yourself, to maintain faith, or just keep your potential in mind.

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