Emma Graber – Women uses experience with sexual assault to inspire others

Emma Graber, 2019, Age 19

Everyday, woman go through unimaginable trials. They defeat eating disorders, work through sexual assault trauma, leave abusive relationships, and about a hundred other things. We walk past these brave women on the streets. Not knowing who they are, or what they’ve been through. For some, those strong women are mothers, grandmothers, or best friends. Those who have told you stories about their past, their journeys. For others, it’s the women standing inside the cash register at a late night job.

I had a roommate in my early college years that spent a good portion of her time advocating for women. Her story is one I’d love to share. Her name is Emma Graber. She was sexual assaulted by her mother’s botyfriend as an adolescent. When the incident occured, she struggled to return to a normal life because she carried with her a distrust of men and a sense of being damaged. With the help of a supportive community and a patient therapist, Emma was able to grow, learn, and love.

These trials brought her closer to herself. She has become a content creator on YouTube, writes essays on social opinion, and celebrates April in name of Awareness Month. She speaks openly about sexual assault, preference, and other topics specific to women. Her and her boyfriend often create videos in tandem. When addressed, Graber says “As a young woman, feeling comfortable, safe, and confident in my body are three things that can be pretty hard to feel sometimes. And this is for many reasons. For the fear of being glared at in a supermarket, or followed down the street. For the fear of being labeled by those around me, or being constantly compared to the perfect images of airbrushed and face-tuned young women in media. As women, we must, must, must, support one another ”. She uses her journey as a call to action!

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmeRNSPhRFL7h3o9Ww03yQ



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