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Women Supporting Women

Changing the way women think about their safety and making self-defence something beautiful.

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  • Obsessed with these photos of @loveannkathleen  showing off the rose gold and tigers eye gemstone Spike Bangle Bracelet. Love seeing beautiful, confident women showing off their Artemis Self-Defense Jewelry! Go check her out for sure, she has awesome content.
Posted @withrepost • @loveannkathleen "I CANNOT DO IT ALONE. I NEED MY SISTERS.” I hope you enjoy this Dorcas inspired look from @sabrinanetflix 
Dress is @sheincurve 
Bracelet is from a really cool female owned company called @theartemiscompany  they make self defense jewelry 📸 @marycfehr

Am I going to accidentally hurt myself?

Our goal is to provide you with safe, easy to use safety pieces that any woman can easily add to her everyday wardrobe.

All of our jewelry pieces are designed intentionally for daily wear, so even the biggest klutz is safe with them on. All of the edges and points on our products are smoothed out and dulled down. Because of this, they wont be effective unless you intentionally put force behind them.

Wear our jewelry at work, in the club, to class, and everywhere in between without worrying about accidental harm to yourself or anyone else.

Am I going to accidentally hurt myself?

We have a variety of products that all serve a unique function. To learn more about the suggested use for each individual piece, visit the “Use” tab on that product’s page.

The driving mission behind every single one of our pieces is to provide you the extra leverage you need, in order to give yourself a safe window of time to remove yourself from a dangerous situation.

We know there are other, more aggressive and intense self-defense tools out there that you could choose from. However, the unique benefits of combining self-defense with our jewelry is that, not only do you feel empowered and confident wearing them, but you know that you always have easy access to the tools you need to reliably keep yourself safe. Don’t ever make yourself choose between function or fashion ever again.

Am I going to accidentally hurt myself?

Good question. The only pieces that we have identified as having any potential legal concerns, are any of our rings that extend over more than one finger. These could technically be construed as “brass knuckles” in a legal situation.

Every state has different laws regarding ownership and carry of brass knuckles. Because of this, we have gathered links to each state’s laws for your convenience to consult before picking out the jewelry piece that is right for you. You can find these here on our Terms and Conditions page.

Our products have not yet been TSA pre-approved, so be aware of this if you plan to travel while wearing any of our products.

For any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to


I really do love it. I have been wearing it all day and even just this bit of protection really brings so much more ease to my mind through the day and when I go out.


As a victim of sexual assault, your jewelry line is amazing! Your work will help so many people it’s insane.

Sexual Assault Survivor

These products adding an additional level of protection and confidence, as well as safety to society, I think can make a major change with women’s safety.

College Student

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