Metal Bangle Bracelets with Spikes




Inspired by architecture dating back thousands of years, these anodized metal bangle bracelets with spikes make the perfect addition to any outfit. Made to easily slide off your wrist and be held in your palm, these bracelets are an easily accessible self-defense tool in any emergent situation. With your choice of white or black and the 6-pointed star shape style or sun burst shape style, customize your look with your own unique bangle piece.

  • Size: Small (2 1/4″ diameter) or Medium (2 1/2″ diameter)
  • Base Material: Powder coated aluminum
  • Color Choices: White or Black
  • Style Choices: 6-pointed star shape or sunburst shape


Check out the ‘Use’ tab for more information and demonstrations on how to use this product.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**

Additional information


6 Pointed Star Style, Sun Star Style


Black, Silver


Small, Medium


Suggested Product Use: This jewelry piece is designed to be used with a fist strike. When in a dangerous situation, you can slide this bangle or bangles off of your wrist to hold against your palm with your hand curled into a fist. With the bangle spikes held above your knuckles, you can use this device to quickly strike an aggressor to provide yourself a window to escape a dangerous situation.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**

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