Long Beaded Necklace with Leather Tassel and Hidden Metal Spike


Beautifully wire wrapped beaded chain necklace with a handmade leather tassel necklace, dyed and/or embossed to create a one of a kind jewelry piece. With a hidden metal spike inside of the leather tassel and a self releasing magnetic clasp, be prepared in any situation with an easily accessible self defense tool. With your choice of chain colors of silver, gold, or oxidized silver, customize your look with your own unique necklace piece.

Chain Length: 36″   |    Tassel Length: 4″

Check out the description below for more information and demonstrations on how to use this product.

Please be aware that all of our gems are natural and one of a kind, meaning they may not look exactly like the example in the picture above. We guarantee that the individual piece you receive will be functionally equivalent to that in the photo, but brilliantly unique in its own natural formation.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**


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Use: This jewelry piece is designed to be used as a simple striking device. When pulled from its magnetic clasp, by grabbing the base of the necklace tassel, the leather strands will fall away and the metal spike inside of the tassel will protrude and can be used for self-defense. You can use this device to quickly strike an aggressor to provide yourself a window to escape a dangerous situation. This device can also be used to help remove yourself from an aggressor’s grasp.

**this product is only intended for emergency/self-defense purposes**

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at contact@theartemiscompany.org

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Chain Color

Gold, Silver, Oxidized Silver